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10 March 2005


Patrizia Torti

Ciao, I'm Patrizia Torti producer of Bonarda Torti 2001 that you tasted.
I regret to inform you that probably you tasted a bottle that suffer becouse our standard quality is Hight and we are very happy about success that our bonarda is having in the USA.
We are distributed from Tricana NY.
BBonarda is a fresh wine...so if you taste on 2005 or 2006....is normal that you don't like.

I suggest to drink bonarda within 2 years from harvest date because this wine is fresh and is fermented only in stinless steell....i should be pleased if you'll write my comment on internet and if ou'll want taste again my bonarda I'' be really happy and i ' m sure that you ' ll write different :o9
Please contact me for all your need and sorry for my english :o)))
Ciao Ciao


Yeah, Bonarda is the most widely planted grape in Argentina, more than Malbec. I will check out the Patriota if I see it.

I dunno what the problem is at the store... I have been going there for years and have had one bad bottle in all that time, and now, within the last month, I hit two bad batches!

jens rosenkrantz

Bonarda is also grown in Argentina. One of my favorite wines from there is the Tikal "Patriota" which is 60% Bonarda and 40% Malbec. Good luck on your replacement wine. Sounds like it's time to find a new wine store that has some climate control!


Oh, I am going to, once I get time (this weekend at the latest)... the place I got it is good about taking stuff back. I will post an addendum when I get the new and hopefully better bottle!


Oh how disappointing! I hope you took the bottle back to the store for an exchange/refund.

It is going to take a couple of days to write up the overview so if you would like to resubmit that would be fine.


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