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11 May 2005



That IS crazy! I had a rosé that was, what, three years old, earlier this year and it was all oxidized and gross and way over the hill. Go figure, those crazy rosés. Maybe I should hold on to the other bottle of the Sinskey and see what happens!

jens rosenkrantz

After a recent blind tasting we opened a 1994 Sinsky Vin Gris of Pinot Noir as we were all still thirsty. Many doubted that a 10 year-old Rose would still be alive. The wine was very much alive. It had fruit and elegance and a long finish. Amazing!


It looks like K&L just got the Etude in stock, so look for it there, or check out Ferry Plaza, since Bacar had it by the glass last time I was there and FP has the same owners/same wines. I just picked up two bottles so I will report on it fully later on. I have some abbreviated tasting notes on it now, but nothing worth writing up yet.

Good luck with the hosting! It's a lot of work!


thanks for taking part and the hint about the Etude. I absolutely love Etude but haven't tried their rose. Sorry I am taking to round this up. I can't believe how long it takes. I am the queen of prolific blogging and this hosting mularky almost has me beat! I'll be there soon, never fear...


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