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08 December 2005



Thanks for the reminder, I totally forgot in light of shopping and whatnot. I am going to definitely pick something up.

I admit that Randall Grahm's wines are kooky and not always successful as far as I am concerned, but every now and then I find an okay one. I also think I like them better after they sit around for a day or two (something I have been noticing).

The Corkdork

Great post. You've inspired me not to keep ingnoring the kooky wines of Randall Grahm at Bonny Doon forever. After years of drinking Ca del Solo, I ventured too far down his wacky path and got stung time after time. I'll certainly hunt down a bottle of Grignolino d'Asti now and give it a shot.

I hope you have time to participate in WBW#17, "Red Kiwis" that I'm hosting over at the Corkdork.

Have a great Holiday. Make sure to post your Holiday wines! -Corkdork

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