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18 September 2010



Yeah, my palate was all kinds of wonky during the pregnancy and for a while after. I think I am recovered at this point but I am way, way, way out of practice. And a friend of mine had the opposite problem you had when she was pregnant at the same time I was... she loves white wine but it smelled and tasted awful to her!

I should be happy that my main off palate thing I had was an aversion to cooked onions!


Not that this is the reason for your disaster night (considering others also didn't like the wines), but my wine nose and palate were a disaster unto themselves for several months after I had Jasper -- everything tasted a little like isopropanol, and the big flavors I used to adore were just too much for me to handle. I cried, I am not kidding you, because I thought having a baby might have ruined red wine for me. It's taken a while, but I have mostly gotten my taste for it back. It really took some time before I enjoyed red wine the same way again, and I've discovered an... appreciation for whites (I still don't love most of them) that I didn't have before because they are much easier to drink, still.

Anyway, 2 cents worth of observation from a casual but enthusiastic wine drinker (who is also glad to see you writing here again!)

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